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I can’t even believe it is 2015 already! That means I have been out of high school for almost 15 years, I’ve been with my husband for almost ten years, and my oldest… hold up… is going to be five! What the what!?!

2014 flew by fast, so I wanted to stop and take a moment to look back over my favorite images from the year.

To all my clients, from the bottom of my heart, thank you. You all are the reason I am able to make a living doing what I love. Thank you for choosing me and allowing me to tell your stories and be part of your lives.

Here is to 2015! It’s going to be a good one, I can tell!

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If you’re a new follower of my photography, you might be confused as to where I am currently located.

Drum roll please… Enterprise Alabama!

Last month, I announced via my monthly newsletter (you should sign up if you haven’t already) that my husband and I recently relocated from Clarksville TN to the Wiregrass area! What was supposed to be a very short stay in the Wiregrass has actually turned into an extended stay, and I am A-OK with that! I love the weather down here in southeast Alabama, and it’s so close to the beach! I can already see family and senior beach sessions!

Anyhow, since our stay down here in Alabama is a unexpected, I need to do a few housekeeping items in Tennessee to close up shop before I can start taking on new clients down here. I hope to be fully operational by the beginning of the New Year, and, once that happens, I will be servicing Enterprise, Daleville, Ft. Rucker, and Dothan! I can’t wait to get back at it! This area feels like home to me. It’s where I fell in love with the portrait side of the photography industry. I see so many locations down here that I am itching to shoot!

So to re-cap everything, Enterprise Alabama is where I will be calling home for the next few years. And, because you can’t have a blog post without photos, here are a few of my favorite personal photos that I have taken over the last month. Happy Holiday’s Y’all! (Saying y’all still feels so foreign to me, but I love it)

Photographers in Enterprise AlPhotographers in Enterprise Al Photographers in Enterprise Al

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Tommy and I have known each other for almost ten years. He was my husband’s roommate in college, and he is just one of those people who knows no stranger. Naturally, not only is he one of my husband’s best friends, he’s one of mine too.

When Tommy first started dating Ashley, I had a feeling it was serious. My Facebook stalking skills are impeccable and my spidey sense was telling me she was the one. When I actually got to meet Ashley, it confirmed what my gut feeling was telling me—she was the match made in heaven for Tommy. When they told us they got engaged I was ecstatic, but I was even more excited when they asked me to do their photos. Even more, they were planning on having a small and intimate wedding.

After I heard intimate wedding, I had to wipe the saliva off my face. Queue the fireworks in my mind!

I immediately acted and started planning on how I was going to shoot it. Ironically, since I recently announced that I am specializing only in lifestyle photography and seniors, I recognized that their shoot falls right in place with where I want to be as a photographer.

As we all had spent so much time together, Tommy was no stranger to being in front of my camera. I knew he would be completely natural and sincere. The shoot was nothing short of amazing. Between the obvious love and adoration between Tommy and Ashley, the insanely gorgeous location, the rolling clouds, and the rich light, I was able to document one of the most beautiful displays of love I have ever seen.

Congratulations Tommy and Ashley!

Close up photo of bride brides monogramed shirt Photograph of bride getting her hair done The mother of the bride watches as her daughter gets ready Photograph of hairstylist getting brides hair ready Detail photography of simple classy wedding dress Wedding dress hangs in front of a window Photograph of the groom getting dressed The groom straightens his tie and puts on his jacket Detail photograph of the groom buttoning his jacket The groom has a quick peanut butter and jelly sandwich before the wedding Photo of a beautiful text message the groom received from his bride Groom and best man talk with the pastor before the wedding The groom and pastor wait for the wedding to begin The bride walks down the aisle at Garden of the Gods The brides father gives her away The bride and groom look at each other as the ceremony starts The pastor begins the ceremony with a prayer A beautiful wedding ceremony at the Garden of the Gods Photograph of the best mans and the best man handing the rings to the groom The groom puts the ring on the bride The bride puts the grooms wedding ring on The newlyweds first kiss Photograph of grandma congratulating her new granddaughter in law Friends and family congratulate the new couple Wedding photography at the Garden of the Gods Stunning black and white photograph of bride looking at the camera TN photographer captures wedding in Colorado The groom kisses the bride in a red rock formation Tilt Shift wedding photography The groom twirls his bride Candid photograph of newlyweds hugging Black and white portraits of the bride and groom Clarksville TN bridal portraits Groom nuzzles the bride Black and white landscape photograph Couple looks at each other with mountains in the background Photography Clarksville Bridal portraits at the Garden of the Gods black and white silhouette of a couple kissing with storm clouds rolling in Black and white portrait of couple kissing The newlyweds arrive at their party Small and intimate wedding reception Detail photography of golden wedding cake monogramed topper Detail photography of wedding cupcakes with blue flowers Guests mingle at small intimate wedding reception Personalized wine bottle wedding gift Wedding guest and the bride and groom socialize during small party Homemake baked beans and broccoli salad Groom grabs a quick bite to eat during his party The best man delivers champagne flutes while groom gives a speech Guests laugh during the speech Cheers Bride smashes cake in the grooms face Sticky kiss 90 year old grandma sips champagne during grandsons wedding reception Bride and groom say goodnight to their guests Detail photograph of cupcake and champagne Color detail photograph of wedding rings Bride and groom have a quiet moment at the end of their reception

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When I was a kid I could draw… I mean like, really draw… In fact, most people don’t know this, but drawing and painting was a God given gift to me that I excelled at very early on. I loved drawing. Along the way I took my first photography class, which I pretty much shrugged off. It just wasn’t my thing then.

It wasn’t until I was a freshman fine art student at the Art Institute of Boston that I looked at photography a bit differently. I had four roommates; all of them were photography majors. At the time I was an avid fine art collage artist. I would make collages with almost anything I could get my hands on — mostly my roommate’s discarded test prints. Since using photographs was a major part of my collages, I decided that I should start making my own. So, I took a basic photography class.

I was hooked­­ — instantly. I became obsessed with photography, switched majors, and transferred to a photojournalism school in California. I always knew I wanted to do something with visual arts, but it wasn’t until I switched to photography that everything felt right. I’m talking like, stars and planets aligned, knew in my bones, that I was meant to be a photographer.

I’ve been taking pictures ever since.

Fast-forward to now. I still know I am supposed to be a photographer. I know this because of the gratitude I feel every time I am able to photograph two people in love. With all the awful things constantly surrounding us in this world I get to stop time and take pictures of people at the happiest times in their lives. I’m in awe with how lucky I am. I am beyond grateful for clients that allow me into their lives. You are the only reason I am able to work doing what I love!

Tommy and Ashley flew me out to Colorado Springs to document their intimate wedding. We started out the morning with an engagement session at the Garden of the Gods in Colorado Springs, and then ended the day there with their beautiful wedding ceremony. After seeing the following photos, I think you’ll understand why it is called Garden of the Gods.

Large red rock formation against a deep blue sky in Garden of the Gods Ashley gazes at her husband to be Candid photo of engaged couple laughing Woman rests her hand on her fiancé's shoulder Candid photo of fiancé embracing his bride to be Man looks at the camera as his fiancé snuggles into him Young engaged couple standing in front of a red rock formation Couple kisses with the Kissing Camel rock formation in background Details photograph of engagement ring with Garden of the Gods kissing camel formation in the background A young couple kisses while surrounded by yellow wild flowers Candid photo of young couple at the Garden of the GodsCheck back again soon to see photos from their wedding. And, if you like what you see please feel leave me a comment! I love reading peoples comments! Thanks for looking!