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Which sparks more fond memories of your childhood: your awkward Sears portrait session framed on the wall or walking into your old playroom, filled with dusty toys and dried up Play Doh? Those old department store poses just don’t do it for me. Traditional studio photography can be stiff and unnatural. Sometimes it’s better to go through old stacks of candids or visit the old playroom to make your nostalgia spark.

There’s a happy medium between candid moments and fake, hairsprayed studio portrait sessions: it’s lifestyle photography. The magic of lifestyle photography is that it is about capturing real life in real lighting with real memories being made. Lifestyle photography shows the real love between siblings, between parent and child, and between husband and wife. When you invite me into your home (and life), I will treat you with respect, and I will photograph the honest love that you feel for your family. I think that is worth hanging onto forever, not stiff forced smiles.

So, yes, I did say into your home. No, you do not need to start cleaning right now.  I promise I’m not crazy. Your home is beautiful as it is. I am not coming to take pictures of the dishes in your sink! I am coming to take pictures of you and your happy family. Your home doesn’t have to magically be cleaned by Martha Stewart when I visit, because what I’m going to capture is how beautiful and happy your children are. Messy can be beautiful, messy is life! Now, I won’t say you can’t tidy up a smidge and put away your breastpump or the overflowing garbage cans, but if you can’t get to everything before I arrive, do not panic. If there is something a little messy, I promise to do a little photography magic and work around it.

If you absolutely, positively do not want to have me take pictures in your home, we can go somewhere where your family can be a family and where your little kids can be little. I want to catch you playing tag and kissing and cuddling and tickling. When you and your kids are comfortable in the surroundings, I’m comfortable too, and that is one of the best parts of lifestyle photography: being able to be real. Photographing people in their natural environments (especially kids), allows their true personalities shine through.

When I watch my sweet little girls playing, I see moments that SHOULD be commemorated on the wall. I want the memories hanging in frames to take me back to the days when my lips were always chapped from kissing baby cheeks and toes. When my little girls were playroom besties, pushing each other in the Cozy Coupe and playing dress up. The magic of all of our relationships is there when we take the time to see it: when my husband roughhouses with the girls, or when my husband and I kiss and the girls are grossed out, and when the girls share selflessly. This is what makes life beautiful, and in my mind, this is what is worth documenting.

Lifestyle photography is all about you. You are perfect just as you are.

I have worked with some amazing families, and I am so honored to get to show you the love in their homes. Let me show you the magic of lifestyle photography.

Dothan Alabama family photographyCandid of little boy playing and looking at newborn sisterBig brother looks into his newborn sister's cribDetail photographs of newborn girlPortrait of newborn girl in Enterprise AlabamaMother soothes her newborn daughter by resting her hand on herPhotograph of brother looking at his little sisterNewborn girl sleeps peacefully Portrait of brother looking at his sleeping sisterEnterprise Al newborn and family photographyOlder brother smiles while his little sister sleepsDothan Al Newborn Photography

If you would like to see more of my lifestyle photography check out this beautiful family’s session here. Want to book a session? Give me a call at 845-235-3490!

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