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Class of 2016 Senior in Enterprise poses for senior photo

Senior year. Finally. You’re the big fish in the little pond. Top of the social heap. Ready to leap into new adventures in life. It’s exciting, but scary—all at the same time. So how to top off your senior year in fabulous fashion?

Senior portraits. That long-lasting remembrance of your school career. And those portraits? They can wind up tear-inducingly terrible, or absolutely amazing.

Examples of awkward senior photos

A quick Google search of awkward senior photos and you’ll know what I mean.

Throughout school, parents and kids alike often dread portraits–frozen smiles, identical poses, and bland backgrounds that fail to impress. Generic and boring. And the result? Pictures that do nothing to reflect your personality or style. Hey, school photographers do their best, but they are dealing with a high volume of students getting portraits within a finite period of time. It doesn’t exactly equate to high quality or interesting, individual style.

Often students and parents alike don’t realize that they have an option other than the photographer offered up by their school.

Ahem. That would be me. I’m all about making you, the graduating senior, look and feel amazing. That is where I stand apart from the generic school photographers. And at a time when confidence can be in short supply, it is even more important for teens to look and feel totally beautiful, glamorous, and put together. It is not only my job, but something I truly care about. Hey, I was a senior once too! I provide senior photography to Enterprise, Alabama, as well as Fort Rucker, Dothan, Daleville, and beyond.

Example of Custom Senior Pictures by Holley Lorain Photography

I came to realize the need for professional photography services for senior portraits after having a number of parents come to me, their graduating students dismally unhappy with their senior portraits.   The end result this second time around? They received portraits their teens were thrilled with. The down side? They paid twice to get them, which is not good.

That is why having a professional photographer of your choice (and I would be thrilled and humbled if that someone were me), can make all the difference. This is what I offer that will make your senior portraits extraordinary:

  • Hair and makeup – I offer hair and makeup services so there are no meltdowns the morning of the session (come on, girls, we all do it on those bad hair days or with an unexpected breakout!)
  • Location, location, location – I pick a location that you are completely happy with, a place that really compliments your personal style. I can offer up a selection of places and the final spot is the completely your call. This session is all about you!
  • Individualistic – Your senior portraits will reflect and your individual style. Forget the posed, stiff portraits that are exactly the same as everyone else’s. These portraits will be uniquely YOU.
  • Fashion oriented – You can choose different outfits to be worn throughout the shoot, so feel free to get creative!
  • Confidence builder – At a time when teens are often struggling with self-image, it can be a real boost to see yourself photographed beautifully and looking amazing.
  • Photography service provided to a wide variety of schools – Wherever you go school in the Enterprise, AL area, I can make your senior portraits stunning. That includes Dothan High, Enterprise High School, Houston Academy, Enterprise Prep Academy, Daleville High School, and more.
  • Personalized VIP treatment – YOU are my most important client. Yes, I say that to all my clients, but only because it’s true. Your satisfaction is my primary goal when we meet for your session, and it is my pledge to treat each and every one of my clients as the most important, amazing client I have ever had. Because, in fact, you are.

Headshots of Enterprise High School Senior and Miss Enterprise

Make your senior year one you’ll never forget—a year where you feel great and look gorgeous, and that confidence can carry you forward to college, university, travel, or whatever new adventure awaits.

Contact me today and find out just how fun and flattering professional senior portraits can be.   Or, if you’ve had a disastrous experience, let’s turn it around with new portraits that will blow you away. Visit my website today to check out my style of photography, and then drop me an email. Heck, if you roll old school, pick up the phone and give me a call at 845-235-3490. And with Mom and Dad are on board there will be no stopping you! I can’t wait to hear from you.

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